Hampton and Astley Voucher Code

Hampton and Astley Voucher Code Aug 2022

Many years ago, the founders of Hampton and Astley bought a couple of towels from one of the popular high street stores within their community. The texture is soft enough to be called a luxurious towel. Unfortunately, it was the opposite when they decided to give their towels a thorough wash. Though still thick after the wash, they discovered that the towels had lost some of their softness compared to how they felt initially in the store. To worsen it all, the towels do not have the absorbency expected. That’s not all. For every use, you’ll find hundreds of fibres on the floor. That’s not the quality of the product you’d want to waste your hard-earned money on. For this reason, they decided to produce their own unique product. From experience, they figured a quality towel is more than just thickness and softness. It should have a high absorbency level. This idea gave birth to Hampton and Astley towels. These towels are made with a difference. They are pure 100% Egyptian cotton with a softness that doesn’t fade even after several washes. These towels can dry you, thanks to the superior absorbency. The same approach to towels is the same approach across every other product they have in stock including homeware.