Kitbrix Voucher Code

Kitbrix Voucher Code Jun 2022

Kitbrix is a bag brand that was originally designed for the UK triathlon market in the UK. Ever since its existence, the brand has resolved an array of common bag problems. Sportspeople need a bag that can solve a wide range of needs. Before now, athletes need to carry a couple of bags for various transition stations. In the same vein, the triathlete needs to carry different bags to separate the wet clothes from the dry ones. With this in mind, Kitbrix has designed a way to carry all these items in one bag. KitBrix design bags that come with an array of features. First, they are waterproof and sturdy than even the average gym bag. They come with sturdy zippers. The zipper lock system keeps your items protected. In addition, the bag comes with multiple handles and straps, giving you lots of carriage options. You can either run the strap over your shoulder or carry it like a lunch pair. The double straps make it possible for users to carry the bag like a backpack. One of the more popular features is the DobiPak, commonly known as the bag within the bag. This extra bag can house dirty or wet clothes as well as footwear. And the good thing is that it can also fit perfectly into the main bag, so you can carry it all out with one hand.