Mindful Chef Discount Code

Mindful Chef Discount Code Aug 2022

Beef, chicken, or vegan, Mindful Chef combines the best ingredients to deliver a sumptuous platter of mindblowing meals. From frozen meals to invigorating smoothies, add a spark to your meals by trying out fat-free sumptuous delights at Mindful Chef.


Extra Information About Mindful Chef

Starting at £6.95, there are several options of healthy chicken ready meals hand-cooked with the finest British free-range chicken. Packed full of protein and large chunks of chicken, these meals are made of fresh and fragrant sauces that make them simply irresistible. These meals are 30% larger than any other readymade meal and delivered in cute, handy, eco-friendly paper bags. Thai, Italian, and Indian dishes are delivered to your doorstep with love at a small token. Or spend £24 on orders before 4 pm and receive them in insulated bags the next day.

If you’d like something cold when the weather is at the edge, you can check out the beautiful assembly of pre-diced, frozen ingredients which you’d blitz into a delicious jar of smoothie delight. You can also buy bundles of 8 frozen and save 15% altogether. Even better, you can check out recipe boxes for bespoke selection of fresh, nutritionist-designed recipes containing:

• High-quality beef, fresh fish, and veggies
• Cooking guidelines
• Precise ingredients to reduce food wastage