Panda London Discount Codes & Vouchers

Panda London Discount Codes & Vouchers


Ways to get extra discount on Panda London

  • Newsletter Sign-Up Discount Available: Yes
  • Guarantee Available: Yes, 10 Years
  • Buy Now Pay Later: Available
  • Payment Options: Credit/Debit Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal
  • Free UK Delivery: Available on orders over £30

Extra Info About Panda London:

Have you ever slept in a place where all the stressful things you’re going through in life had to give way? The bedroom is supposed to be a comfortable retreat. Many people spend more time in their bedroom than any other room within their living quarters. And most of this time is spent resting. For this reason, the bedroom should be the most serene section of the home. In addition to that, your bedroom should reflect your taste, personality and lifestyle. No doubt, there are lots of home decorating company. Finding a store that sells these items is quite easy but what matters most is getting a quality one. If you’re looking for home essentials, then you’re in luck.

Panda London will make your home a place worth living. Since its establishment in 2015, Panda London has been redefining what it means to feel at home. Products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. That is why most of their product is made of bamboo fabrics, in the backwoods of Southeast Asia. No other material can deliver a longer-lasting performance than this. It is luxuriously soft, repels bacteria and hypoallergenic. Plus, it is highly breathable and sustainable. The company using highly advanced technology, innovation, and timeless design to create something unique for its customers. Panda makes you feel at home. You could also get the products at discounted rates using a voucher code from the store.

Warranty at Panda London: If there are any defects in the workmanship or materials, their products are covered by the following warranty:

30-Day Limited Warranty The warranty for these products, being consumable items, lasts for only 30 days from the date of receipt of goods.

One-Year (12 Months) Limited Warranty The products are covered by a one-year (12 months) warranty from the date of purchase, and the company reserves the right to repair or replace them, with a maximum limit of one occurrence.

Sustainability: The commitment to sustainability at Panda London encompasses efforts to minimize environmental impact, potentially through Eco-friendly sourcing, packaging, or manufacturing processes. Additionally, initiatives aimed at social responsibility, such as fair labor practices or community involvement, may be discussed. A comprehensive summary of their sustainability efforts would likely emphasize Panda London’ dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices. Accessing the content directly would provide a clearer understanding of their initiatives.

Shopping guide for Panda London:

Panda London Delivery options: They provide a range of delivery options to meet your needs:

Standard Delivery: It typically refers to the regular shipping option offered by a company for delivering goods or services to customers. Standard delivery starts from Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. delivery is complimentary when purchasing a memory foam pillow, mattress topper, bedding set, or spending over £30. Your order will arrive within 5 working days from the date of purchase.

How to check order status: To track your order from Panda London once your order has been processed and shipped, they will send you another email or message with tracking information. Use the tracking number provided to access the Panda London tracking page. Enter the tracking number into the designated field to view the status and location of your package.

If you’re having trouble tracking your order or if you haven’t received tracking information, you can contact Panda London’s customer service for assistance. They should be able to provide you with the necessary information and help you track your order.

Return & Refund Policy:

30-Night Trial They simply need to inform the company via phone or email within 30 days of the initial purchase date. A return label (if applicable) can be provided, and depending on the circumstances, a refund or replacement may be arranged. Regrettably, refunds cannot be processed after this 30-day period has passed.

Upon receiving a returns label, customers have 10 days to either arrange for the item to be collected or dropped off with one of the courier partners.

Finance Options:

Panda London offers finance option through DivideBuy.

DivideBuy: When it comes to managing bedtime expenses, they’ve got it covered. They’ve partnered with DivideBuy to offer 0% APR on repayments. DivideBuy simplifies the process with a quick and straightforward approach. To start, customers can select DivideBuy at checkout and complete a brief application for an instant decision. Upon approval, they can sit back and relax while the company takes care of the rest, prioritizing their comfort every step of the way. They have partnered with DivideBuy, so you can spread the cost across 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Simply select your preferred payment option at the checkout, complete a short application form, and once approved, they’ll get bedtime on the way.

How to contact them?: You can call +44 (0) 208 935 5380 or send an email to [email protected] during the office hours.