Tradepoint Discount Codes & Vouchers

Tradepoint Discount Codes & Vouchers


Ways to get more discount on Tradepoint

Clearance Discount Available: Yes, Up to 30% off

Loyalty Discount: Available

Latest Offers Available: Yes

Free UK Delivery: Available over £50

Clearance Discounts: Tradepoint often offers sale discounts on their website, providing building supply enthusiasts with the opportunity to purchase tools and equipment for building supplies and accessories at reduced prices.

Up to 20% off on Tools and equipment,
Up to 10% off on Painting and decorating,
Up to 15% off on Building and hardware,
Up to 10% off on Home and furniture,
Up to 10% off on Kitchen and appliances,
Up to 15% off on Bathrooms and showers.

Tradepoint Loyalty Scheme: Loyalty points are often used by businesses to encourage repeat purchases and build customer loyalty.Customers can exchange these points for rewards or discounts on future purchases. For instance, they may earn points with each purchase, and upon accumulating a sufficient amount, they can apply them towards receiving a discount on their subsequent purchase or acquiring a complimentary item.
Tradepoint offers: upon joining for free, individuals become eligible for all membership-exclusive offers and services. If they spend £250 or more in a single month, they unlock a 5% membership discount for the remainder of that month and the subsequent three months. Similarly, spending £1000 or more within a month grants them a 10% membership discount for the remainder of that month and the following three months.

Delivery options:

At Tradepoint, they provide a range of delivery options to meet your needs:

Standard Delivery: It typically refers to the regular shipping option offered by a company for delivering goods or services to customers. Standard delivery starts from £5, if your order value over £50 delivery is free. The expected delivery time is between 1 – 4 working days.

Large Delivery A flat-rate delivery fee of £10 is applied to mainland UK orders if your order value is over £50 and delivery is free. If you place kitchen orders over £1000 in-store, you’ll be charged £75 for delivery, and for bathroom and bedroom orders surpassing £500, there’s a £35 delivery fee. Dispatch of orders is confirmed only after verifying delivery details with customers.

Bulk Delivery Bulk delivery involves shipping goods or products in large quantities, typically beyond what regular consumers would purchase. Businesses and organizations frequently utilize bulk delivery to transport large volumes of items simultaneously, leading to cost savings and increased efficiency compared to individual or small-scale deliveries.
Bulk delivery at Tradepoint is free for orders over £100.

How to check order status: To track your order from Tradepoint once your order has been processed and shipped, they will send you another email or message with tracking information. Use the tracking number provided to access the Tradepoint tracking page. Enter the tracking number into the designated field to view the status and location of your package.

Return & Refund Policy: Tradepoint demonstrate confidence in their products and value their satisfied and loyal customer base. In acknowledgment of the complexities of online shopping, they extend a 90-day return policy.

Convenient Click & Collect: Ensure the desired size is available on the product page, and choose your preferred store. Expect confirmation via email and text within 1 hour of sending your request.
If you place an order within an hour of the store closing, your items will be available the next day.

Finance Options:

Tradepoint offers finance option through PayPal.

PayPal: PayPal is a digital payment platform that enables users to securely conduct online transactions. It provides individuals and businesses with the ability to send and receive payments electronically.
When making a purchase online at Tradepoint, select PayPal at checkout to pay later with Pay in 3.

WEEE Recycling at Tradepoint:

WEEE stands for waste electrical and electronic equipment. The quantity of WEEE discarded annually is on the rise, with an approximate 5% increase each year, positioning it as the UK’s most rapidly expanding waste stream. A considerable portion of the UK’s WEEE ultimately finds its way to landfills, posing risks of soil and water contamination due to the presence of lead and other toxins. Such contamination can have detrimental effects on natural habitats, wildlife, and human health. Numerous electrical items that are discarded have the potential to be repaired or recycled. By recycling these items, we conserve our natural finite resources and mitigate the environmental and health risks associated with land filling electrical goods.
The commitment to WEEE Recycling at Tradepoint encompasses efforts to minimize environmental impact, potentially through Eco-friendly sourcing, packaging, or manufacturing processes.

How to contact them?: You can call on 0333 014 3097 or send an email to [email protected] during the following opening times:

Monday to Saturday 8:00am to 8:00pm
Sundays and Bank Holidays 10:00am to 4:00pm